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Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust was first established in 2002 as a specialist mental health Trust for the county, providing community, inpatient and forensic services. The Trust achieved Foundation Trust status in 2007 and in 2013 went on to become the major provider of Health and Wellbeing services for Lancashire after community services from neighbouring trusts transferred into its portfolio. This provided the Trust with the opportunity to deliver holistic, joined up care to local people that meets their physical and mental health needs. From a strategic perspective, this has also positioned the Trust as a key player in the health economy acting as an enabler to transformation and supporting the aspirations of the Lancashire and South Cumbria ICS.

The Trust has an annual turnover of £345million, employing approximately 6,400 people and providing approximately 1.5 million contacts with people each year. The majority of this activity is in Lancashire although the Trust does provide some core services outside of this area.